Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Best Author You Never Heard Of

... if only because he or she does not yet exist.

In honor of Jean-Baptiste Botul, the non-existent philosopher who recently made news, I have decided to create a non-existent author.

Before this author can write anything, I need to create background.  You know, simple things like a name -- or names, since this person can also have a nom de plume -- and some history.

I'm open to suggestions!

- Dave


Clare said...

Hogarth Burke, better known as Alexander Burns. Watched too many zombie movie as a kid. Wife is in the Army.

April Wolfe. Loves David Bowie. Was the only girl in her regular D&D circle in high school, despite her best efforts.

Little Shop of Stories said...

I love the names, Claire. However, I was thinking of a dead fake American author. Someone who suffered a tragic death: alcohol, suicide, killed fighting with foreign insurgents.

Clare said...

Dead fake Americans? Let me see...

Christopher Hayes- the black sheep of a political dynasty, whose works only came to light after his mysterious early death. Fans accuse his family of covering up a more sordid tale of Hayes' death with a cover story of a "tragic accident".

I hope that helps a little! :)

Little Shop of Stories said...

Novelist Rory Persons disappeared in 1967, leaving a pregnant wife. Their son, Elvis, was born later that year.