Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'll Race You To Bed!

When I was little I did everything in my power to avoid getting into bed.  I'm sure my parents would have loved to have had a secret weapon to magically have me out like a light.  Sadly, my bed time story days were well before the release of Bob Shea's book, Race You To Bed.

What is Shea's secret?  He's taken a fresh approach to the regular sleepy time stories. Instead of cute lullabies and peaceful poems, Race You To Bed is chock full of action till the very last page.  The premise of the book is pretty much how the title sounds -- whoever happens to be the lucky reader has to race the rabbit to bed.  After paddling to bed, seeing the rabbit's Uncle Ted, and other things like splish-splashing to bed the book ends with the rabbit losing (luckily!) and everybody ending on an extremely sleepy note.
And, as if this book couldn't get any better, the illustrations are to die for. Super-vibrant and very busy -- it's full of the kind of images I'd love to have hanging up in my room.  Added bonus?  There's a tiny resemblance of the artist Mary Blair who illustrated I Cay Fly along with other beloved titles.
Over all, Race You To Bed is the perfect bed-time story that will have your night owls excited to get under the covers.  Who knows? You may even enjoy it too!

- Sydney

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