Monday, February 22, 2010

"Percy Jackson" v. Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson & the Olympians:
The Lightning Thief Movie Review

Fantasy series books that are full of action and adventure are always difficult to convert into good movies, no matter how awesome the book. That being said, "The Lightning Thief" did a good job in capturing the attention of both fans of the book and those who have not read the series. Considering the length of the book, it would have been very hard to include everything that was in it.  This explains why the movie took on a completely different plot. I expected that this would be annoying, but they actually did it pretty well. The film incorporated events from a number of the books and casted the characters pretty well (except for the fact that Annabeth doesn't have blonde hair! Is it that hard to find an actress with blonde hair?)

I don't think that the complexity of the book translated well to the movie though. Not much was explained and if I hadn't read the book I think that I would have been very confused. Considering the difficulty of the task of creating this film, I think that it was done adequately and will probably improve with each film. Compared to the first Harry Potter movie, this was better

I give it six stars out of ten. Read the book before the movie though!

What did you think?

- Cal

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