Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Way Back Home

One Martian + One Boy = One Awesome Friendship

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers tells the story of a boy who discovers a airplane in his closet and promptly flies it into space. Once he reaches the stars, his plane runs out of fuel and he becomes stranded on the moon. Scared and alone, his flashlight dies and the boy becomes extremely worried. Meanwhile, a martian is traveling through space when, all of a sudden, his spaceship dies. He crashes into the moon and is all alone - he doesn't even have a flashlight! Both of the characters hear strange noises and begin to imagine the worst. Luckily, they meet each other and all of their problems are solved. The boy drops into the ocean, swims home, and grabs some supplies. He then ascends a very tall mountain and climbs up a rope, provided by the martian, in order to get back to the moon. Once there, both of them work together to fix their vehicles and make it home. Before they leave, they wonder if they'll ever speak to each other again. They go their separate ways and return to their families. This charming story concludes with the boy looking at a radio inside his house that is squeaking out the martian's 'hello?'s. I, personally, adore this book. And, as always, I'm in love with the illustrations, which happen to be beautiful water colors.

For a nice change from the typical "aliens attack, oh no!" type books, The Way Back Home is pretty impossible to beat.

- Sydney

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