Thursday, March 11, 2010

Al Likes Gecko and Sticky

When I heard the Little Shop was going to carry The Gecko and Sticky series I was

Why, you ask? (If you haven’t asked, you should. Being inquisitive is a sign of intelligence.) Well, the answer is quite simple. Author Wendelin Van Draanen (who also writes the Sammy Keyes series) uses lots of awesome, action-packed, alliteration.

And the story, holy hopping habaneros, the story is magnifico. A boy, Dave Sanchez, finds a talking gecko named Sticky, who has said name because he likes to steal. But he is really a good gecko. The gecko leads Dave to the dastardly, diabolical Damien Black (bwa-ha-ha),  who wants nothing less than to rule the world.  He would have, too, if Sticky had not stolen his Aztec wristband that gave him super powers. Sticky gave the wristband to Dave, along with one ingot that gives Dave the power to walk on walls (gecko power), but dastardly Damien (bwa-ha-ha) has the other ingots and wants the wristband back.  Let the battles begin.

The stories are filled with action, adventure, and an incompetent group of mariachi singers.
It’s hilarity at its highest. 
                It’s adventure at its most adventurous.
                                It’s . . . well it’s really, really good.

Why are you still reading this when you could be reading The Gecko and Sticky? Run and go get it. Andele, andele.

- Al

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