Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Are They Now (Part III)


Casey began working at Little Shop of Stories near the start of her junior year at Decatur High School, and still works on occasion during school breaks. It's always great to see her!

"Life after Little Shop has been grand. At the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill I'm a junior majoring in Latin American Studies, minoring in Women's Studies, and consuming more coffee than any human should. After realizing that there was no Little Shop of Stories equivalent in Chapel Hill, I started working at a delicious little cafe on campus where I can be found hoarding pastries and perfecting my barista skills.

"This Fall I spent a semester in Peru on a study abroad program about the impacts of globalization on Indigenous communities in the Amazon and the Andes. I camped in the rainforest. I lived with a rural family on a mountaintop. I was kicked by an alpaca. I ate guinea pig. I danced many a night away.  But more importantly I spent a month working with female domestic workers in Lima, assisting in self-esteem workshops and teaching English and cooking classes. I'll spend my senior year at UNC turning this research into an Honor's Thesis, and probably losing my mind in the process.

"But despite new experiences, my time at Little Shop is always with me. I cannot walk into a bookstore without judging their children's book selection and improving their displays. Viva Little Shop!"

(This is the third in a series about some of the wonderful people who formerly worked at Little Shop.)

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