Friday, March 12, 2010

Where Are They Now (Part II)


Amy joined the Little Shop staff as a weekend part-timer in 2008. Depending on who you ask (the customers searching for answers or the management searching for a ready and willing book hawker), her timing was impeccable: Amy's second weekend at LSOS was during the crazybusy Decatur Book Festival!  She quickly became a shelf straightnin', storytime book readin', birthday party decoratin' familiar face at Little Shop. 

When asked about her life accomplishments thus far, Amy ranks her dramatic portrayal of "The Pout Pout Fish" at the very tip top. She's also pretty darn fond of a dinosaur sticker comic she made at Justin's comics camp. (It hangs in the ultimate place of honor at her house: the front of the fridge.)

Alas, Amy decided to leave Little Shop to make room in her schedule for teacher certification courses. She teaches 11 adorable 8th graders at The Howard School, and she hopes to receive her official I Kinda Sorta Know What I'm Doing teaching certifcate this summer. She misses storytime and seeing her bookstore friends all the time, but you never know when she might show up in a fancy dress and force you to listen to "The Pout Pout Fish." Glub, glub, glub...

(This is the second in a series about some of the wonderful people who formerly worked at Little Shop.)

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