Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where Are They Now (Part V)


Rick re-retired last year and moved to Portland to be near his brand new granddaughter, Olivia Louise.  She walks and talks, giggles and laughs and does all those things that make it worthwhile to be a Grandpa.
 (Olivia Louise -- not Rick)
He and Jill have been doing day trips to the Seattle area, visiting the local waterfalls, the Pacific Ocean and, of course, restaurants. Oregon has a lot of beautiful areas, and some very fine restaurants. They made it to Decatur for Christmas to visit with family and to stop in at Little Shop.  You may have caught Rick working behind the counter in December because ... well, because he's Rick and the store was busy and the phone was ringing and people had questions and other people were ready to check out.  (We miss Rick a lot!)

They are in a book club and just finished Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic by Steven Johnson. Rick is getting ready to do some kayaking and is taking a cooking class -- did I say that we miss Rick a lot? -- and is heading into craft classes.

Rick also spends time thinking about The Shop, fun times, and good friends.

Here's Rick enjoying the Oregon sunshine! 

(This is the fifth in a series about some of the wonderful people who formerly worked at Little Shop.) 

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