Saturday, July 10, 2010

Julie Andrews Came to Little Shop!

What a special evening!

It was quite an honor for us to host her for the signing of
The Very Fairy Princess.
We hope all of you who had the opportunity
to meet Ms. Andrews had a magical time.


Anonymous said...
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Skye said...

I certainly did!! Thank you so much for hosting this event and being so patient with us crazy fans!

- Number One :)

Mike said...

Julie Andrews was wonderful. I brought my 14 year old daughter and two of her friends. She chatted with the girls and was very friendly. They giggled in the car all the way home, then stayed up half the night watching Mary Poppins and the Princess Diaries movies.

Skye said...

Here is the article in the Decatur Champion about Julie's visit to LSoS!! :)