Thursday, July 8, 2010

LeBron James Selects Books & Books!

By Elvis Persons
Greenwich, Connecticut
July 8, 2010 - LeBron James, formerly of Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cleveland, has accepted a new position.  "This fall, I'm going to take my talents to Miami Beach and join Books & Books."

James, who performed storytimes for seven years at the venerable Ohio store, was a sought-after bookseller.  Among the stores who attempted to recruit James were Books of Wonder in New York, Women & Children First in Chicago, and Little Shop of Stories in Decatur.

"I think I was attracted to a lot of cities, and that's why I brought the six stores in that I was attracted to most," James said.  "It came down to where I felt I could sell the most children's books.  It's hard to explain. But at the same time my heart and the seven years I gave to Joseph-Beth Booksellers and that city was everything.  I never wanted to leave Cleveland, and my heart will always be around that area, but I also feel like this is the greatest challenge for me, to move on."

LeBron working a birthday party.  The man could do it all.

Dave Shallenberger, co-owner of Little Shop, reportedly had opened up a little more room under the store's salary cap in an effort to woo James.  "We threw everything at him," said Shallenberger.  "A superb supporting cast, our great location on the Square, The Pannell Award thing ... you name it.  Heck, we even told him he could meet Julie Andrews when she visits our store tomorrow.  In the end, it wasn't enough."

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