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One of the great authors coming to the Children's Stage at the AJC Decatur Book Festival is Michael Buckley.  He's the guy who is writing the great Sisters Grimm series. We've only recommended those books about five gazillion times.  He has a new series - N.E.R.D.S. (National Espionage Rescue and Defense Society), with the second one

NERDS: Book Two: M Is for Mama's Boy

being released just before his appearance in Decatur.  He stopped by Little Shop a couple of years ago and we had a great time.  Evidently he did as well, because he's coming back!

The wonderful folks over at the Decatur Book Festival recently caught up with Michael.

DBF: This weekend we got a chance to peer into the mind of Michael Buckley, bestselling author of The Sisters Grimm and NERDS. Give this former stand up comedian a frappuccino or two and he Tweets as fast as Flash runs.  If you missed him, read on to learn about which superheroes are Michael’s favorites, why nerds are more than cool these days, and what he thinks about our own hero, Bookzilla.
DBF: If Sisters Grimm and N.E.R.D.S got in a fight, who would win?
Buckley: Got to go with my girls, Sabrina and Daphne. No super powers but they’re very scrappy - plus they have a fairy on their side.
DBF: That bodes well for the girls, but not so much our nerdy superheroes! Who is YOUR favorite superhero?
Buckley: I’m a big fan of The Hulk. When he’s written well he can be very tragic and complicated. The movies have never really done him justice.
DBF: You will fit in great at the Festival. Have you met our spokesman, Bookzilla? Check him out on our website and F’book . . .
Buckley: Bookzilla is awesome. Though I fear the people of Japan may have a different opinion. He has a nasty habit of smashing their island.
DBF: We all want to know your thoughts on the following: nerdy is the new black.
Buckley: Nerdy looks good on everyone. I’m amazed at how many people proudly describe themselves as nerds. It’s a badge of honor! I go to schools all the time and I ask the kids who is a nerd, and more often than not every kid raises their hand. Even the kids that you know are incredibly popular embrace their inner geek. Makes me proud of them.
DBF: There seems to be a lot of nerd-embracing going on out there lately (literal and figurative). Why do you think this is?
Buckley: I wish I had been that brave and proud of myself when I was their age. Kids are a lot more confident and centered now. I think that kids are looking around and seeing that some of the coolest people out there are the one’s that are not hip. It requires so much work to be in the “in crowd” and there’s a real insincerity to it. Kids can spot someone who is trying too hard. I think people are looking for something sincere these days. There’s nothing more sincere than a nerd.
DBF: How did the NERDS members get those awesome names?
Buckley: Some of the names are based on people I knew growing up but the code names are pure inspiration. I wanted them to be silly but I wanted them to be kind of intimidating, too - superhero names, really. But to be honest, my characters sort of name themselves. They wait for me to guess what they want to be called, and they can be difficult until I figure it out. Sounds like I’m crazy but it’s true.
DBF: No it does make sense. There is a contest going on now to name Bookzilla’s new nemesis, and he is being VERY difficult.
Buckley: Hmmm, who hates books? The last president wasn’t such a fan…
DBF: I think the problem w/ our new monster is he loves books TOO much. Passion can lead to smashing, you know. If the Sisters Grimm were investigating YOU, they’d uncover . . . ?
Buckley: Me? I’m innocent of all wrong doing. I was framed. I wasn’t even there! The Sisters Grimm would find I drink too many frappuccino’s in a week.
DBF: Hmmmm. Dubious-sounding to me. So, besides Frappuccinos, what are you looking forward to about the festival?
Buckley: I’m looking forward to getting to talk to some of the fans who send me e-mail from GA. But I love to go and browse. I could walk around a book festival all day and sometimes I have. I usually take home a stack of books myself. I know I always push the weight allowance on my bags at the airport on the way home. I’m a total book geek. I also enjoy running around meeting the other authors.
DBF: Book geeks are our best friends! We are really excited about having you here. Thanks, Michael, for taking the time to talk with us Enjoy those Frappuccinos in the meantime!!
Buckley: Thanks! I can’t wait. Take care, Decatur!
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