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Did you know that Little Shop of Stories is doing even MORE at this year's AJC Decatur Book Festival?

We'll be at the Children's Stage as always.  We'll be at The Escape (the YA stage), this year located on the second floor of the Old Courthouse.  The Escape has expanded to Saturday and Sunday this year.  Little Shop will also be selling books for the Decatur Presbyterian Sanctuary Stage and the Decatur Library Stage.  Bookselling and author signings for those two stages will be in front of the Sycamore House, which is located just east of the corner of Church and Sycamore and right across from Decatur Presbyterian Church.

Here's a brief rundown of authors:

Decatur Presbyterian Sanctuary Stage
Saturday: Patti Digh, Carleen Madigan, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Diana Gabaldon.
Sunday: Patricia Smith, Casandra Clare, Mark Mustian, and Joseph Skibell.

Decatur Library Stage
Saturday: Batt Humphreys, Thomas Mullen, Susanne Fincher, Todd Moye, Michael Knight, Josh Russell, Elizabeth Nunez, Kathleen Koch, and Dorothy Moye.
Sunday: Dana Johnson, Alison Umminger, Norma Price, M.O. Walsh, and Alex Taylor.

You can find out about each of these author events by going to the AJC Decatur Book Festival website. However, I do want to highlight several of these authors today.

Check out the first two.  Here's the hard part - they're both presenting AT THE SAME TIME!  (Argggh!)

Cassandra Clare - Decatur Presbyterian Sanctuary Stage - Sunday at 1:15 p.m.

Casandra Clare is a great YA author, but The Escape just could not hold the expected audience.   Clare's The Mortal Instruments trilogy (City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass) were extremely successful.  The first of three books in the prequel, Clockwork Angel, is being released tomorrow.  (As it is a prequel, it is not necessary to have read any of her previous work.)  

"This first book in Clare's Infernal Device series, a prequel to her bestselling Mortal Instruments books, opens as Tessa's pleasant life in 1878 New York is coming to an end when her guardian aunt dies. Upon her arrival in London, where her brother lives, Tessa is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters, who force her to learn to use a rare power–shape-shifting–she didn’t know she had. Her rescue by a young man named Will leads her to the Shadowhunters....The events often read as bleakly as the Victorian London weather, punctuated by Clare's trademark humor, empathy, and authentic characters, who fight their own flaws and tragic pasts as often as they do evil. Mysteries, misdirection, and riddles abound, and while there are some gruesome moments, they never feel gratuitous. Fans of the Mortal Instruments series and newcomers alike won’t be disappointed."
– Publisher’s Weekly 

Norma Price - Decatur Library Stage - Sunday at 1:15 p.m.

Dr. Price is the co-author of Crossing with the Virgin: Stories from the Migrant Trail. This book documents stories of immigrants who cross over to the United States through the Arizona-Sonora Desert.

"Crossing With the Virgin raises important questions about underlying assumptions and basic operations of border enforcement, helping readers see past political positions to view migrants as human beings. It will touch your heart as surely as it reassures you that there are people who still care about their fellow man." - Antigone Books website

Norma Price is also the mother of Little Shop's own Justin Colussy-Estes!

The AJC highlights two more authors:

Patricia Smith - Decatur Presbyterian Sanctuary Stage - Sunday at 12:00 p.m.

"Like her former Boston Globe colleague Mike Barnicle, who has also risen above plagiarism charges, poet Patricia Smith has found her groove. Since she resigned from the Globe 12 years ago after admitting that she made up some characters in a handful of her columns, Smith has hunkered down and poured herself into her poetry. Her 2008 book, “Blood Dazzler,” a collection of poems about the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, was a finalist for a National Book Award. (The book is now the basis for new production by the renowned dance troupe Urban Bush Women, which will be performing at the Rialto Center for the Arts in January.)"

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie - Decatur Presbyterian Sanctuary Stage - Saturday at 1:45 p.m.

"If you’d come of age right after a coup of your government, what impact would that have on the way you relate to your family? On the way you view yourself? On how you define love? Nigerian author Adichie’s two novels, “Half of a Yellow Sun” and “Purple Hibiscus,” deal with those themes against the backdrop of her home country. A reader sees the brutality and the glory of the land through the eyes and heart of a young writer who knows it intimately and writes about it lyrically. In her latest collection of short stories, “The Thing Around Your Neck,” she looks ever more deeply at the very essence of relationships."

Friday, September 3rd - high 91 degrees; low 70 degrees; 10% chance of rain
Saturday, September 4th - high 89 degrees; low 67 degrees; 0% chance of rain
Sunday, September 5th - high 87 degrees; low 69 degrees; 0% chance of rain

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