Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Blog of Stories: The Vacation Is OVER!

Elvis Persons
Martha's Vineyard - August 20, 2010

My vacation was interrupted by the President and his family. I take this as a reminder that I should be back at work. So here it goes:

Photo by Carolyn Kaster, AP

President Obama, along with daughters Malia and Sasha, visited Bunch of Grapes bookstore here on the Vineyard today. The girls picked up two literary classics. One, To Kill A Mockingbird is out in a special 50th anniversary edition. All the praise this book has received still does not do it justice.

Also purchased was John Steinbeck's early classic, The Red Pony. Largely written in serial form when the author was in his early 30s, this stark novella takes place on a dry California ranch and foreshadowed many themes found in his later work.

President Obama picked up a copy of Jonathan Franzen's Freedom. (This is totally unfair. Have I received the book? No. It has a release date of August 31st; that's eleven days from now. I smell something fishy. Of course, I am on an island.)

My hope is that the president will be so overwhelmed by the quality of Freedom that he'll want to come to the Decatur Book Festival and meet Mr. Franzen on September 3rd.

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