Friday, October 15, 2010

Lost, unpublished Dr. Seuss manuscript found

Booktryst, an excellent literature blog, has some scanned pages from an unpublished manuscript by Dr. Seuss. The book, titled "So Many Sports" was in the genesis stage some 40 years ago, and then apparently cast aside. Then in 1983, it was brought back to his attention by an employee. It consists of 19 pages of doodles and notes, some written solely by Seuss, others by his assistants with Seuss' corrections and notes. Seuss responded to the inquiry about the book:

Re your enclosed manuscript, I do indeed remember it. And my critique now is as same as then. What, in my opinion, is wrong with this story is that...despite the greatness of Pete as a stellar athlete hero...the negative image of him flubbing and unable to catch any ball at all will make him a schnook. And I think the reader's reaction will be, 'What's the matter with this dope?'

He goes on to suggest that he might be wrong about it, but suggests that the assistant  send it to Harper and Row, who "do very good brat books" and have "several times made best sellers out of properties I have rejected."

A pretty fascinating look into the creative process and the mind of Theodore Geisel. Go check it out.

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