Sunday, January 23, 2011

Customer Book Reviews!

Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud, by Andrew Lane, is a fantastic novel that is perfect for readers in middle school and up. The story focuses on the detective Sherlock Holmes in his teenage years. Sherlock hates the DeepDene School for boys and cannot wait until his brother, Mycroft comes to pick him up for vacation. But his father is then sent to India and Sherlock is sent to live with his aunt, uncle, and the unsavory Mrs. Eglantine. But soon Sherlock's luck goes far and he finds himself caught up in solving a mystery with his three new found friends who could help save his fathers life-and many others.

By Eliza!

Some people think that Warriors, a series by Erin Hunter, is better than her other series, Seekers. But some people have a different idea… and I’m one of them. My name is Greer Sanders and this is my review of Seekers.

The first book in the Seekers series, The Journey Begins, is about four bear cubs who have decided to make the long and dangerous journey to The Last Wilderness. But the cubs weren’t all together to begin with. A fierce brown bear cub named Toklo had decided to go his own way after his brother, Toby, died. Then Toklo found Ujurak, an enerjetic little black bear cub who insisted on traveling with Toklo. After that, Lusa joins up with the group when she escapes from the Bear Bowl ( The Zoo). Toklo isn’t happy about Lusa’s presence. But then the most kind-hearted bear of all joins the traveling group… Kallik. Kallik is a white bear with the hopes of finding ice again.

In the second book, Great Bear Lake, all four bears reach the first stop on the way to their destination. But a big problem pops up. Read the third book, Smoke Mountain, to found out what that problem is.
In the fourth book, The Last Wilderness, the bears reach a place where all bears are happy and where food is endless. Lusa, Ujurak, and Toklo are filled with joy at the sight of endless fields of grass. They have reached the “the last wilderness” --- a place where no flat-faces (humans) or metal birds (planes) are in sight.

However, all is not well.  After Ujurak's traveling companions leave to enjoy this wonderful place, he spots something ... three dark black spots moving slowly through the air.

By Greer!

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