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2011 Summer Camp Schedule!!!

It’s the 2011 Summer Camp Schedule!!!

Registration for 2011 Summer Camps begins at 9 a.m. on Saturday, February 5th.  (We’re opening an hour early to get a good start.)  A $100 deposit is required upon registration to reserve a space, and all paperwork must be filled out upon registration. Registration must be made in person, and by a parent or guardian.

There are a limited number of spaces available for each camp. Once that number is reached, a waiting list will be started.  Please note that many of our camps will fill up on the first day of registration.

What's New!
Acting Out Camp, Heroes and Villains Camp, and Magic Tree House Camp are all new this summer.  Magic Tree House Camp will also mark the first time we’ve held a camp with rising 1st graders.

What's Back!
Camp Half-Blood and Camp Kane are returning for yet another year, and are slowly gaining mythological status.  Goody for Girls! and Boo-ya for Boys! Camps are back.  We’re doing a second year of American Girl Camp.  Finally, Comics Camp with Justin is returning from its one year sabbatical.

Each of our themed camps are full week-long sessions -- Monday through Friday -- with the exception of Heroes and Villains Camp, which is a four-day (Tuesday through Friday) camp.  Hours are from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. -- we regret that we can not offer either before- or after-care for any camp.  Campers must provide their own lunch.  Snacks are provided.

The cost of the camps are as follows:
Camp Half-Blood: $325
Camp Kane: $325
Heroes and Villains Camp (four days): $225
All Other Camps: $275

There are a lot of expenses associated with Camp Kane and Camp Half-Blood, which is why the cost is higher.   We work hard to make sure that you get your money’s worth!

Refund policy
We understand that things happen and that it can be difficult to make vacation plans this early.  Camp deposits will always be refunded for a camp that has yet to fill up.  Once a camp has reached full enrollment, deposits will be refunded so long as we can get someone on the waiting list to enroll in that spot.  (This is difficult to do at the last minute.)

The Schedule!

May 30-June 3
Goody for Girls! Camp
Please note that this camp is full.  A waiting list has been started.
With Krista and Sunny
Rising 3-5 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 18

Get ready for a special week for girls only!  In past years at Goody for Girls! Camp we have learned to sew, solved bank robberies, visited the vet, put on talent shows, learned secret codes, performed choreographed dances, had mock trials, baked cookies, designed our own clothes, and practiced yoga.  And we promise even more excitement and fun this year!  Goody for Girls! Camp is full of activities, art and adventures that celebrate everything girls can be and do.  Based on the The Daring Book for Girls, and inspired by the achievements of real women, this super-fun camp will encourage, challenge and bring out the best in your girl.

June 6-10
Acting Out Camp
With Kimberly & Karen
Rising 3-5 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 18

Do you long for the spotlight? Do you watch actors your age and think, “Hey, I could do that!”? Do you have what it takes to be star? Well here is your chance to break out of your shell! This super fun acting camp will give you a crash-course in acting basics. We’ll play improv games, learn to express ourselves loudly and confidently, and even take a stunt class from a real Hollywood stunt woman. We’ll have visits from people in the industry, including an award-winning director, and at the end of the week we’ll perform a short play for our friends and family. In this camp, acting out is a good thing!

June 13-17
American Girl Camp
With Krista & Diane
Rising 2-4 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 18

From fighting for independence to farming on the frontier; from surviving the Great Depression to tie dying t-shirts; from escaping slavery to planting Victory gardens during WWII, girls throughout American history have had lives full of adventure, resourcefulness and fun.  This week we pay tribute to the olden times by playing games, doing crafts, learning history and exploring the lives of our favorite American Girls.  This camp will be identical to last year's, so if you've already taken it you might want to check out Goody for Girls Camp instead.

June 20-24
Camp Kane: What Carter and Sadie Kane Don't Know Won't Hurt Them
Please note that this camp is full.  A waiting list has been started.
With Diane & Vicky
Ages 9-13
Maximum enrollment: 24

Hey Half-Bloods, want to be a part of something new?  Join us for a week of excitement and adventure based on Rick Riordan's series The Kane Chronicles.  (Book Two, The Throne of Fire is out this May!!)  This week we will immerse ourselves in the Egyptian myths while also continuing the traditions of Camp Half Blood.  That's right -- there will still  be plenty of capture the flag, chariot racing, and mythological mystery and mayhem, but here's the chance to also learn some new things your own "mummy" might not even know!  (Pun intended).

June 27-July 1
Boo-yah for Boys! Time Warp Camp!
With Justin & Matt
Rising 2-4 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 20

This year, the TOTAL AWESOMENESS that is Boo-yah for Boys! Camp has been hijacked to the past!  Join the boys of Boo-yah as they struggle to return to the present, exploring the mysteries of yesteryear along the way!  What dangers, what mysteries, do "Ye Olden Tymes" hold for the Boo-yah Boys?  Will they ever get back?  Unless you're there, young man, you'll never know!  Boo-yah for Boys! Camp is full of activities, learning, and adventure designed to entertain, engage, and elevate young boys. Join us, and become one of the few, the proud, the Boys of Summer!

July 5-8 (Tu-F)
Heroes and Villains Camp
With Marcy & Kimberly
Rising 2-4 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 18

Do you love superheroes (and villains)?  Do you wish you had super powers?  Do you know just what your secret identity would be?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Heroes and Villains Camp is for you!  Each camper will design his or her own super identity, with costumes, back stories, lairs, catch phrases, secret identities, and lots more.  We'll explore what exactly makes a hero a hero and a villain a villain, in both comics and real life.  Be prepared to be creative!  (We will do our best to guarantee that there will be a mix of boys and girls at this camp, and that there will be at least seven of each.)

July 11-15
Camp Half-Blood: What Do You Get When You Cross Feta Cheese with Pepperoni?
Please note that this camp is full.  A waiting list has been started.
With Diane & Vicky
Ages 9-13
Maximum enrollment: 24

Dear Demi-Gods,
If you've read The Lost Hero, you probably know that we have new allies and that they enjoy red sauce on everything.  This year, our Roman counterparts will join us as we fight the good fight with our friends at Camp Half-Blood, Austin, Texas.  We will put our heads together with Austin every day (by Iris message, natch) as we race against the clock solving clues to yet another mythological mystery- before it is too late, of course.  Oh, and during our down time, we might play capture the flag or race a chariot or two.

July 18-22
Comics Camp
With Justin
Rising 5-7 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 20

Draw, baby Draw! You know when you get caught doodling and reading comics instead of doing homework or your chores? Well, comics camp is exactly like that without the homework and chores! This summer, discover how to cartoon your heart out as we make comics! Whether you like comic books, graphic novels, comic strips, or webcomics, you'll learn all about how to design, pencil, and ink your ideas and turn them into comics!

July 25-29
Magic Tree House Camp
Please note that this camp is full.  A waiting list has been started.
With Krista & Matt
Rising 1-2 Graders
Maximum enrollment: 16

Calling all boys and girls who hunger for adventure and knowledge!  You've been asking for a camp for younger kids, and here it is!  The upstairs of Little Shop of Stories has turned into a giant Magic Tree House and it's whisking campers off to different places to complete missions in history just like Jack and Annie.  Join us for a week of dinosaurs, Olympics, ninjas, pirates, mummies, wild animals, and so much more!  We'll also spend lots of time doing games, activities, and crafts based on each place we'll visit.

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