Thursday, February 10, 2011

Big Weekend at Little Shop

We have two big events going on this weekend.  Both are free.  Hey, you can come to both!

Noel MacNeal
Saturday, February 12th
2 p.m.

Noel MacNeal, author of 10-Minute Puppets, will be here at Little Shop to show us how easy it is to put together a hand puppet in a hurry!

Noel has been a performer on Sesame Street and The Muppet Show for over twenty years, and has trained puppeteers all over the world.  For the past decade, Noel has been the spirit and voice of the gentle and lovable star of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning series Disney's Bear in the Big Blue House and the Disney Channel morning series Breakfast With Bear.

10-Minute Puppets is a super fun activity book.  Here's the publisher's description.  (I can't improve upon any blurb that compares a book to a Swiss Army knife!)

It's the Swiss Army knife of activity books: how to make puppets anywhere, in ten minutes or less, using everyday materials. Parents and kids can learn how to make 30 puppets using socks, paper bags, napkins, and the most important tools of all — your two hands.
10-Minute Puppets is filled with imaginative ideas, energy, and the pure, childlike pleasure of turning objects into characters. With full-color illustrations throughout, the book has step-by-step instructions for each puppet, pages of puppet parts and bodies to cut out and use, and tips on how to create a simple puppet theater. - Workman Press
Noel will do a presentation.  We'll all make our own puppets, and Noel will sign copies of his book.

Fancy Storytime
Sunday, February 13th
3 p.m. 

Ladies and gentlemen, you are cordially invited to enjoy the festivities as we partake of fancy snacks and learn how to be extra-fancy.  Remember -- and this is extremely important -- you MUST come fancy!  Even grownups.   Ball gowns, tuxedos, tiaras, top hats, gloves, boas, you name it.  Nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING is too fancy for this extraordinarily fancy event! We look forward exceedingly to the pleasure of your company.

This is, perhaps, our favorite event of the year.  Come fancy and find out why!

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