Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Book Review: An Accidental Adventure by C. Alexander London

 We LOVE when customers review books for us! Today I'd like to introduce you to our special guest reviewer, Sonia Karkare, age 9.

Review of An Accidental Adventure: We are not eaten by yaks by C. Alexander London (Penguin)

by Sonia Karkare, Age 9

The new book by C. Alexander London is called An Accidental Adventure: We are not eaten by yaks. This is a story about a set of very lazy twins named Oliver and Celia Navel. Oliver and Celia like to watch television all day, but too bad for them, their parents are Explorers. They all live at Number 7, East 74th Street, which is an Explorers’ Club. They live on the 4 ½ floor at the Explorers’ Club.

Their mother, Mrs. Navel, has been missing for quite a few years. She
disappeared while she was looking for the lost library to find the tablets which hold all the secrets of the world. The story gets exciting when Oliver and Celia’s father makes a bet with his mortal enemy to find the tablets and prove that they exist. If he loses this bet, Oliver and Celia will be enslaved every summer untilthey are eighteen. As the story develops, a mountain climber finds a note from
their mother that is in code. To find the tablets, the Navels will have to go on a
wacky airplane ride including getting pushed out of the plane. They then
encounter one obstacle after another such as an angry mother yeti and poison

Since this story does not have a very happy ending, it will be very
exciting to read the next book by C. Alexander London.
I liked this book because it is exciting and adventurous. I always found
myself wondering what would happen next and I could not put the book down.
The story showed me that C. Alexander London is very creative because the
obstacles the kids faced were very imaginative. I don’t think that too many
people spend much of their time worrying about being eaten by Yaks but this was
a concern for Oliver and Celia. Reading this book was way more fun than
watching television kind of like an adventure in my own bed!

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Thanks, Sonia!
If you're interested in hearing more about An Accidental Adventure, come on by the shop and get a copy for yourself!

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