Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Book Review by Madison Castle!

Lark, by Tracey Porter, is a very exciting book. I can definitely see it relating to many girls stories and things that have happened to them or friends. It was telling how the closest friends to Lark had to come together and set her free. Set her spirit free. The author did such a great job on giving the perfect amount of detail and information about the murder of Lark. It was very unique how she gave 3 views of the event. It told Nyetta’s story, Eva’s story, and Lark’s description of the murder. It was almost as if Lark was describing everything in the past and the other girls in the future. It described how the event affected the girl’s, their families, and Lark’s family.

It was a very tragic event and had a lot of emotions to the book.
i liked this book!

By Madison Castle!

Lark will be available on May 24th.

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