Sunday, March 27, 2011

Book Review: The Royal Treatment

Princess for Hire: The Royal Treatment
by Lindsey Leavitt
available May 3, 2011
Review by Taylor Corley

This is a very interesting book.  It is realistic with a magic twist.  Desi finds herself in some complicated situations and dinds out some secrets about one of the places that she trusts most - B.E.S.T. - and hidden talents she had absolutely no idea about.  In this book, you can really 'put yourself in the character's shoes.'  You can relate to some of the problems that Desi and her friends encounter; some just leave you hanging on edge.

I really enjoyed this book because it is funny, mysterious, and has a surprise at almost every turn.  This book has everything you look forward to in a book.  When you read this book, you might feel like you have a connection to it that you can't describe, and that may just be one of the reasons you like it.  I suggest this book to you because it is a very unique book that I know you will love as much as I did.

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