Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Poem of the Day April 5


It's A Day Without Shoes at Little Shop of Stories! We're raising awareness about TOMS shoes, and the fact that kids all over the world have to go barefoot everyday. Here's where you can find out more about TOMS, including ways to help get shoes on feet around the world. And if you come in today and show us your 10 toes, you get a 10% discount.

Going Barefoot
by Judith Thurman

With shoes on,
I can only feel
how hard or soft
the rock or sand is
where I walk
or stand.

I can feel
how warm mud
moulds my soles--
or how cold pebbles
knead them
like worn knuckles.

Curling my toes,
I can drop
an anchor
to the sea floor--
hold fast
to the shore
when the tide tows.

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