Monday, May 2, 2011

Self-Published Author Reception

Little Shop of Stories frequently receives queries from self-published authors interested in selling their books at our store. We want to provide a forum to support, help, and encourage self-published authors, and so we are hosting our first Self-Published Author Receptions where a limited number of authors will have a chance to feature their books at our shop. 

We are excited to host our first Self-Published Author Reception on Saturday, May 7th from 4-6 pm. Stop by the shop and chat with local authors about their work. Light refreshments will be served.

This Spring we will be featuring the following 8 authors/illustrators:

Cynthia Dekel, author of Nobody Likes Me

Cynthia was born and raised in Atlanta and is now living in Mableton with her husband and two feisty daughters. She is a stay-at-home mom by day and a starving author by night. She says she's lucky to have so much inspiration surrounding her.

Her book, Nobody Likes Me, is about a young and enthusiastic girl who is feeling overlooked and rejected and finally decides that nobody likes her. She is gently reminded how much she is loved. 

Jen Liam, author of Indigo Goes In

Jen is a Clinical Social Worker who has a private therapy practice working with children, teens, and adults. She enjoys helping others discover what's in their In...and she has many favorite sunset watching spots.

Her book, Indigo Goes In, is about Indigo Turtle who can't find inside comfort when he feels tired, scared, angry or sad. But after taking a journey to the tippy-top of a favorite sunset-watching spot, Indigo finds that a guiding, comforting light has been right Inside all along.

Brenda Starr Moon, author of Bird of Faith

Brenda lives in Fayetteville, Georgia with her dog, Bu. She enjoys cooking, dancing, music, and great conversation. Besides writing, she has proved her artistic talents as an actress in the stage play "Warrior Within" by Michelle Adams. She is a graduate of Alexandria Community College and now attends Clayton State University.

Her book, Bird of Faith, is based on actual events involving Brenda's spirit. She was studying for a test and was a little nervous about it, when she saw a bird crash into a window. She realized it was a metaphor and then her spirit restored her faith, and she knew everything would be alright.

Damien K.H. Nash and Kathy Nash, authors of Big Box, Little Box: How One Little Box Finds His Way

Damien K.H. Nash has an uncanny gift for showing how everyday processes, such as package delivery systems, can be used in meaningful stories. A lot of the inspiration for this book came from his time working at a parcel company. His heart for family values and character is the cornerstone of his writing.

Kathy Nash has worked for many years coordinating family and children social service programs in the Greater Atlanta area. She has been a guest speaker at several women's and parenting conferences. Her passion for enabling parents to develop caring relationships with their children is reflected in the recommended activities in her book.

Big Box, Little Box is the story of how a wise Big Box, representing wisdom, coaches an innocent Little Box. Big Box warns Little Box not to accept negative labels that others want to put on him. Come along with Little Box as he discovers his life's purpose on a whirlwind journey through the Potential Delivery Company.

Kerri Golding Oransky, author, and Jason Oransky, illustrator of How Zac Got His Z's: A Guide to Getting Rid of Nightmares

Kerri is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes with children and adolescents. She has over fifteen years experience working with children and adolescents in a variety of settings. For the past eight years she has been in private practice at Georgia Therapy, Inc. with several offices in Metro Atlanta. She graduated from the University of Florida and is a diehard Gator fan.

Jason is a graphic artist and freelance designer with 7th Sense Designs. For the past eight years, Jason has been designing the artwork on baby clothing for the popular brand Carter's. He has also illustrated three children's books in the Dear Baby series. He is a graduate of Florida State University and is a diehard Seminole fan.

How Zac Got His Z'z is a simple, three-step guide to solving nightmare issues. The book is based on a technique called "re-scripting," an approach that the author has used for the past 15 years with children who have trouble sleeping. Through fun rhymes and engaging illustrations, your child will learn to get rid of nightmares just as Zac does.

Jordan Pearce, author of Vinny the Vampire

Jordan is a local author with a passion for helping the community. The children's series, Vinny the Vampire, is a new venture launched with the goal of creating a fun and educational group of stories about a family of vampires, while giving something back to the Decatur community. This book will be mainly available as an ebook, and proceeds from sales will go to the Decatur Education Foundation.

Come on by for light refreshments and a chance to visit with these local authors!

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