Monday, October 24, 2011

Some Newish Picture Books to Love

Fall is our favorite season for new books. With the approaching gift buying season, the quality of stuff arriving each day is outstanding.  It especially feels like Christmas in October when we get to open the boxes filled with new picture books!

Here are some of Diane's newish favorites:

Peter Brown is #1 on my list of Authors and Illustrators Who Have Not Visited Little Shop Yet But Need to As Soon As Possible. So, if he's reading this, he needs to know this: Peter Brown, You Will Be My Friend!

In a sort of sequel to last year's absolutely adorable, Children Make Terrible Pets, our exuberant bear friend, Lucy, decides that she will make a new friend. Today.  Like. Right. Now.  She learns the hard way that sometimes being especially eager might not work, but really, there is a friend for everyone, if you just be yourself.  She's a bear after my own heart.

Illustrator Bob Staake is a not so distant second on my list.  Okay, maybe he and Peter Brown are actually tied for first.

Past favorites that Bob has either authored and/or illustrated include The Donut Chef, Cars Galore, and Look! A Book!  He has a wonderfully engaging and unique style, and we just GUSH over his books at the shop.  Written by first time picture book author, Jack Lechner, Mary Had a Little Lamp, is an irreverent retelling of a song from childhood with which you might be familiar.

Dear Emma Dodd,

We love you, especially now that we have your delicious little book, I Am Small

Will you marry us, or atleast come visit?

Little Shop of Stories

I think that I write about Susan Jeffers every year when I talk about some of my favorite picture books.  Some of you might be familiar with her version of The Nutcracker, which is our favorite of all the versions.  She also illustrated the lovely edition of Robert Frost's Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening that we always sell out of at Christmas time.  Her latest is a yummy-to-look at retelling of Hansel & Gretel.  And yes, I am waiting for her to come visit.

It has occurred to me that all of the books on this list fall under the category of Authors and Illustrators Who Have Not Visited Little Shop Yet But Need to As Soon As Possible.  And that all of the above mentioned authors and illustrators are #1 on my list!

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