Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 2011 Decatur Christmas Tree

Here are the facts:

What: The Decatur Christmas Tree Lighting
complete with: hot chocolate, carols from the Voice of 5th Avenue, sweet treats,
and maybe even a visit from a jolly man in a red suit
Where: East Court Square
right in front of Little Shop of Stories
When: Thursday    December 1st     7 p.m.
Who: All of Decatur!
Why: Because we can't contain all this Christmas spirit!
How: See below.....

Here is the story:

We've found the perfect tree at Noel Forest Christmas Tree Farm, in Cartersville.

It takes a village to move a 30-foot Christmas Tree.
Thank goodness we had help from friends and the guys at
Atlanta Peach Movers!
Thad and Jugs trim down the base of the tree so that it will fit into the tree stand. (Last year we forgot to measure the tree stand and had to do this back at the shop. This year we learned our lesson.)

Transporting the tree to the truck.

Krista LOVES Atlanta Peach Movers. Check out this awesome jump shot. (This is what she was doing while the men figured out how to get the tree into the truck.)

Now we just have to get it into the truck.

Yes, we know. It's huge. Maybe we went overboard.

Here is the crew from Atlanta Peach Movers.
These guys were awesome.
Use them if you need to move something!
Efficient, hardworking, and friendly, too!

Here's the whole team who went to get the tree, happy that it's finally in the truck. But the work is just beginning...

Here we are on Tuesday morning, trying to figure out how to get the tree lifted and leaned against the building. We literally recruited people off the street to help lift it while six men on the roof pulled and grunted with all their might. When it was in place, Krista shouted, "It's a Christmas miracle!" Rob looked at her and said, "If it magically appeared up here it would be a Christmas miracle. This was just Christmas hard work."

Krista and Terra are ready to decorate!

Sunny was fearless on the 20-foot scissor lifts. Once we got into the tree, we forgot how high up we were, but at first most of us were pretty nervous. By the end of the day we were decorating like pros, though. It took six hours, 100 strands of lights, dozens of ornaments, and then we were ready for King Tree Experts to bring their crane and lift it onto the roof.
We really couldn't do this without King Tree Experts!
Those guys are fantastic!

The tree is decorated and ready to go on the roof!
If you want to see it lit, come to the tree lighting event on
Thursday night at 7 pm.
See you then, and Happy Holidays!

Also, we want to add that while the pictures shown are of the physical work it took to get the tree on the roof, this wouldn't be possible without the sponsorships of local businesses. So many businesses contributed to make the tree a reality, and we are so appreciative! So thanks to the following for their support in getting this tree up on the roof! Apolinsky & Associates, Atlanta Peach Movers, The Bakery at Cakes & Ale, Cafe Alsace, The Cookie Studio, The Cook's Warehouse, Decatur Downtown Development Authority, Erbert and Gerbert's Sandwich Shop, Fidelity Bank, Greene's Fine Foods, Harry Norman Realtors, Homegrown, King Tree Experts, Leon's Full ServiceMcCurdy & Candler, LLC, Mingei World Arts, Mudhouse Design, My Own Bookkeeper, Joan Rau, LMT, Sherlock's Wine Merchant, Squash Blossom, Starbucks Coffee, Townsend Concrete Services, Veritas Planning Group, and Wild Oats & Billy Goats.

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