Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I still don't know what "plotz" means.

First of all, let me admit: I do not celebrate Hannukah. So in that way, I am not at all qualified to make this blog post, seeing as it's all about Hannukah gift giving. However, I AM an avid gift-giver, and with some friends who celebrate Hannukah, I had to do some research, and those of you in my same situation may benefit from it.

First of all, do not be intimidated by Little Shop's Giant Wall of Christmas (check out the picture). If you're looking for books that are actually about Hannukah, they are all the way on the right- very easy to find.

I have three books that I enjoy giving as sort of accompaniments to the holiday books- not actually about Hannukah, but very funny and appropriate. The first one is Baxter, the Pig Who Wanted to be Kosher, by Laurel Snyder. If not already stashed with the Hannukah books, it will be found in the picture book section.

The other two are board books, so they are located in the purple house at the back of the store, with the other board books. There are BabYiddish, also by Laurel Snyder, and Let's Nosh!, which is part of a series about different kinds of food.  They are both fantastic, and small enough to pair with another gift.

Happy shopping!

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