Saturday, December 17, 2011

NYT Notable books of 2011

The next time you're in the shop, check out our display table just inside the door- it's full of titles from the New York Times' list of notable children's books for 2011. We can really get behind this list, as it has a lot of staff favorites, such as:

 I Want My Hat Back, which demonstrates the foolishness of stealing anything from a bear;
I MUST Have Bobo, which proves that no matter what, your cat will triumph over you in a contest of wills;
The Scorpio Races, which is sort of like Misty of Chincoteague, but with evil carnivorous horses (it's better than it sounds);
Me, Jane, which is about (among other things) how childhood toys can influence your career;
and my personal favorite book of ANY genre this year, Okay for Now, which is just a story about a kid who moves to a small town and likes baseball... but read it. You'll agree with me.

These books are good. So, so, SO good. Come in and look at 'em!

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