Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Starboard Sea Comes Out Today!

Today is the official release date of The Starboard Sea, a novel by Amber Dermont.  The narrator, 18-year-old Jason Prosper, has transferred to a new prep school for his senior year following the suicide of his best friend and sailing partner at his former school.  This is, however, a thoroughly adult novel in that Jason has a mature, introspective voice.  (On the other hand, there is little that is inappropriate in the novel for the YA reader.)

Ms. Dermont, a professor of English at Agnes Scott College, has written a stunning debut novel.  I rarely afford myself the luxury of reading adult fiction cover to cover, but was drawn into an unfamiliar setting by a compellingly complex and conflicted character.

This is highly recommended reading.

Autographed copies are available at Little Shop.

- Dave

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