Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Starboard Sea Featured by The New York Times

I'm not the only one praising this book.  I blogged about The Starboard Sea this morning.  Now The New York Times has posted its review this evening.

Actually, I recommend that you not read past the introduction of the Times' review and the paragraph reproduced below -- at least until after you have read the book.  The Starboard Sea is not a plot driven novel, but what does unfold is best left for the author to divulge at her leisure rather than have the reader come into the book with knowledge of events before they occur.

Praise from The New York Times:
By the time the [main characters] have been fully introduced, “The Starboard Sea” has permanently parted ways with the predictable. This is not a strictly prep school story. Its secrets are not tacked on or contrived. It is a rich, quietly artful novel that is bound for deep water, with questions of beauty, power and spiritual navigation as its main concerns. The title refers not to the right side of a boat but to the right course through life, and the immense difficulty of finding and following it. 

Congratulations to Amber Dermont on the extraordinary reception her first novel is receiving.  All Scotties should feel justly proud.

- Dave

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