Saturday, March 10, 2012

Authors Fight Back

Best selling writer Scott Turow, a practicing attorney and president of the Authors Guild, has responded to the Justice Department's impending lawsuit against Apple and five major publishers.

Turow argues that Amazon engaged in predatory pricing when it began selling ebooks for its Kindle, experiencing an economic loss on each unit sold in an effort to keep competitors out of the market.  In order to survive, Turow states, publishers were not colluding, but merely acting rationally in joining Apple's agency model plan.

Additionally, there is a nice shout out to physical bookstores:
Our concern about bookstores isn’t rooted in sentiment: bookstores are critical to modern bookselling.  Marketing studies consistently show that readers are far more adventurous in their choice of books when in a bookstore than when shopping online.  In bookstores, readers are open to trying new genres and new authors: it’s by far the best way for new works to be discovered.  Publishing shouldn’t have to choose between bricks and clicks.  A robust book marketplace demands both bookstore showrooms to properly display new titles and online distribution for the convenience of customers.

Turow's letter can be found here.

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