Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Decatur's Go Local Slogan Contest Ends Friday!

You have two more days to give then your best ideas.  You can go to the city's February 28th post here for the official rules.  You can go to the Decatur Metro blog here for inspiration.  Not all of these are usable, but lots are fun.

My favorites from these submissions include:
Decaturade: Drink It!
Be a Decaturvore
Keep Decatur Pretentious
Decatur: a well-rounded square
Decatur. Bring quarters!

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A Prankster With A Heart said...

Have you looked up the definition of decaturade on urban dictionary? Because whoever said it probably didn't know it.

"A mixed drink composed of Gatorade and Vodka. Put those electrolytes and everything in gatorade to use and help it deliver alcohol to your system more quickly!! Named after Decatur, GA."

Posted way back in 2003.