Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hunger Games Quizzes

In case you missed our amazing Hunger Games party on Thursday night, here's a small sampling of the fun we had....
Hunger Games Quiz: Which Hunk Do You Hunger For?

1.       It’s the first day of summer vacation. How does your guy plan to spend the next two months?
a.      He fills his pack with gear and heads to the woods. He loves the great outdoors.
b.      He’ll be taking pottery classes and working in his garden.
c.       Having cocktails on the porch.

2.      What’s the sweetest thing a guy could do for you?
a.      Offer to cover for you when you are supposed to be babysitting.
b.      Write a poem and recite it to you in front of the whole school.
c.       Bring you a bottle of whiskey when you’ve had a bad day.

3.      It’s your first date. Your guy shows up wearing…
a.      Worn jeans, a flannel shirt, and boots.
b.      Khakis, a button-down shirt, and a tie.
c.       Sweatpants and a Pete the Cat t-shirt.

4.      Who are the most important people your ideal guy’s life?
a.      His family. He takes care of blood and puts them above anyone else. He would absolutely love for you to join that family, though!
b.      You! He has a one-track mind and you are the only thing that matters. He would take a bullet for you or suffer an eternity just to know you are safe.
c.       Himself. He thinks that he can’t count on anyone but himself.

5.      Happy birthday to you! Your guy brings you…
a.      A bouquet of wild flowers.
b.      A delicious cake.
c.       A bottle of champagne.

6.      How does your guy communicate with you?
a.      He’s the strong, silent type. He keeps his emotions to himself most of the time, so when he talks you’d better listen because he won’t say it twice.
b.      He’s an emotive conversationalist. He loves sharing his feelings with you in direct and thoughtful ways.
c.       He’s an immature time bomb. He is often brash, rude, angry, and brutally honest.

7.      It’s your guy’s birthday and you’re taking him to his favorite restaurant,
a.      Fogo de Chao. He loves exotic meat cooked over an open flame.
b.      Holman & Finch. He can’t resist some freshly baked rolls.
c.       Taco Bell. He needs it to help with his hangover.

8.      Your parents want to meet the person you’ve been spending so much time with. After they meet him, they tell you they are impressed by…
a.      His ability to provide for you.
b.      His manners and maturity.
c.       How he can help you forget all your troubles.

9.      You’re heading off to college and it’s time to pick a major. Your guy will be majoring in…
a.      Business. He’s a natural entrepreneur—self-reliant and not afraid to take risks—and he wants to make his own way in the world.
b.      Political science. He’s compassionate and a great speaker and he’s sure that he can change things for the better.
c.       Psychology. He’s interested in the hidden motives behind people’s actions.

10.   Paying for all those dates with you can get expensive! Your guy takes an after-school job to bring in some more cash, and so he can be found working hard in the afternoons at
a.      Ace Hardware on Scott Boulevard.
b.      The Bakery at Cakes and Ale.
c.       The Beer Growler in Avondale Estates.

11.    Oh, no! You just got in your first fight! Even though you love him, it still drives you crazy (and not in a good way) when…
a.      He loses his temper. When he gets worked up, he’s firey and opinionated and won’t back down in an argument.
b.      He insists on spending every second with you. You need some alone time, too.
c.       He’s rude to your friends. Would it be that hard for him to at least try to be civil around them?

12.    People often get confused and mistake your guy for a…
a.      Lumberjack.
b.      Golfer.
c.       Hobo.

13.   Your favorite thing to do with your guy is…
a.      Something competitive and fun like mountain biking, tennis, or paint balls.
b.      Visiting art museums or the botanical gardens.
c.       Hanging out in his basement, watching old movies.

Now total up how many of each letter you chose, and see who your Hunger Games Hunk is!

Mostly A’s: GAIL
You are looking for a strong, solid man who values individualism and hard work. He loves the outdoors and is fiercely loyal to those he holds dear. Other girls may need constant affirmation and praise, but you just want a partner to help you with your homework and show you some cool hiking trails. And, okay, to make out with. 

Mostly B’s: PEETA
You’ll take romance and candlelight any day, and you want a guy who really goes the extra mile to win your heart. You need a guy who is comfortable with declarations of love, public displays of affection, and leisurely picnics. You’ve read the fairy tales and are looking for a kind, loving Prince Charming to sweep you off your feet.

Mostly C’s: HAYMITCH
Who needs love and friendship? There’s enough pain and suffering in the world, and you’re looking for a guy who can help you forget your troubles. You like to lie low and chill at home and don’t want someone who constantly wants you to try new things or be social. A brooding homebody is just your style.

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