Monday, March 5, 2012

The State of Local Independent Bookstores

Intown Atlanta did a nice piece on local independent bookstores.  Osayi Enolyn's article includes A Cappella Books, Book Nook, Bound to be Read Books, Brushstrokes, Charis Books, Eagle Eye Bookshop, Tall Tales, and Little Shop of Stories (with a photograph featured on the cover).

Even with Outwrite going out of business and the pending closure of Blue Elephant, this article does serve as a reminder of the depth and variety of bookstores in Atlanta.  Not every city is so well served.

The last quote, on the future of independents from Tall Tales' owner Marlene Zeiler, is my favorite (and full of truth): "There's always some crazy bookseller who's ready to open a bookstore."

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