Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Local Contest (Saipan Style)

While you are PATIENTLY AWAITING the results of Decatur's Go Local slogan contest, check out one for Saipan (of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) by a person who runs a website called "Saipan Sucks".

Among the (printable) highlights:
"Welcome to Saipan -- We Make Guam Look Real Good."
"Welcome to Saipan -- Striving for Mediocrity."
"Welcome to Saipan -- We Apologize in Advance."
"Welcome to Saipan -- We avenge WWII one Japanese tourist at a time."
"Welcome to Saipan -- If we can't refute your logic, we can always declare you Persona Non Grata!"
"Welcome to Saipan -- Where America's nightmares begin."
"Welcome to Saipan -- Been There, Wish I Hadn't Done That!"
"Welcome to Saipan -- We Accept Food Stamp"
"Welcome to Saipan -- Go Back Where You Came From"

Can Decatur even hope to top this list???

From America's standpoint, Saipan is famous for being one of Japan's last stands during WWII, resulting in the loss of nearly every single Japanese life -- military and civilian.

More recently, it has apparently become the home base of all kinds of sleazy capitalism, including abhorrent labor conditions, sex slavery, and Tom DeLay/Jack Abramoff.

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