Monday, April 16, 2012

More Articles On Amazon

The New York Times posted two articles yesterday concerning Amazon.

The first article is mostly an editorial piece questioning the Justice Department's logic in going after Apple and five major publishers for price fixing on E-books, a policy that directly benefits Amazon's quest for more and more market share.

The second article deals with a publisher, Educational Development Corporation, that made a decision to no longer sell their 1,800 children's book titles through Amazon and forgo $1,500,000 in annual sales.  “Amazon is squeezing everyone out of business,” said Randall White, EDC’s chief executive. “I don’t like that. They’re a predator. We’re better off without them.

What happened in February to Christy Reed, a sales consultant in Pleasanton, Tex., was becoming all too routine. Her school district decided to order 16 copies of a science encyclopedia and a science dictionary but then completed the deal on Amazon. 

“I worked so hard to sell those books,” Mrs. Reed said. “I had to talk to so many different people. Then I lost the sale to a couple of clicks on the computer.”

She acknowledged that the district saved a few dollars but added: “I’m here, in the neighborhood. I went to school here. My kids went to school here. Yes, they got the books for less. But my earnings go back into our community. Amazon’s do not.”

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