Friday, June 1, 2012

Apple Announces Details of iTV!

While Apple did not state the date that iTV will become available, CEO Tim Cook has provided details about the long-rumored device.

As with most Apple products, it will be self contained and incredibly simple to use.  Just plug it in.  The only peripheral to go with it will be a remote control unit that is expected to be ready in a couple of years.  There will be no need to connect to any other electronic box in your home.  There will be no need for a cable line running into your home or a satellite dish on your roof.  There will NO MONTHLY FEES!!!  The only downside is that it will initially only receive four stations, with the expectation that this will increase to about a dozen unique channels.

iTV prototype
A photo of the prototype has been leaked to the media.

"We're incredibly excited about this new product," stated Cook.  "The user interface is simple.  The product is wireless.  People will deal directly with the unit, actually touching the knobs.  It can be hand-held or placed on a table."

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