Monday, October 15, 2012

Can You Dig It? A Holes-Inspired Work Day

Last Saturday, ten families participated in our Habitat for Humanity Work Day, sponsored by Intown Ace Hardware.

Why were we digging holes, you may ask. Well, in Holes (our 2012 On The Same Page selection) Stanley at the other boys at Camp Green Lake are forced to spend their days digging five-foot holes in a dry lake bed in order to "build character."

 If you've never dug a hole before, you can't understand how difficult this task is, so we wanted to give kids and their families a chance to dig some holes of their own, to better understand Stanley and the challenging task in the book.

But instead of just doing it to "build character" like they say in the book, we wanted it to be for a good cause.

So we partnered with Habitat for Humanity to find a house that needed some landscaping and could use our holes (and plants to put in the holes). We contacted our friends at Intown Ace Hardware to see if they'd be interested in donating shovels and plants. And after a lot of coordination, we had our Holes-inspired dig!

Tucker High School students attended the event as well, getting to the site early to prepare the beds for our diggers. We were super thankful for their help!

Everyone had a great attitude and worked hard, even when they encountered roots or stumps in the area they were digging. Our friends at Habitat introduced us to a handy tool called a pickmatic (not an ax-o-matic, like Ms. Krista kept calling it) and that made a huge difference.

Two hours later, we were all tired and covered in dirt, but the house had 20 new azalea bushes and looked beautiful! Thanks to all the families that participated, and to Tucker High School, Habitat for Humanity, and Intown Ace Hardware!

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Up next: a shoe drive benefiting Our House, a movie screening, and a party!

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