Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Pioneer Woman Cometh!

Do you long for wide open spaces?
Do you daydream about herding cattle?
Do you crave butter-filled, stick-to-your-ribs grub?
Do you like to battle crowds of fans to meet your favorite celebrity?

If so, Little Shop of Stories on November 5th is the place to be!

We are calling all fans of the Pioneer Woman! Yes, that's right! Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, will be visiting Decatur on Monday, November 5th at 7pm. Her new book is Charlie and the Christmas Kitty. We'll be selling this book, along with all her others.

If you don't already know about this city girl turned country mama, check out her blog for more about life on the farm. In a nut shell, girl meets cowboy. Girl marries cowboy. Girl moves to farm. Girl starts cooking. Girl starts a blog. Girl publishes multiple books about cooking and ranch life and her dog, Charlie. Girl comes to Decatur on tour!

Here's the skinny.
1. This event is free and open to the public, but it will be ticketed. It will take place at Little Shop of Stories at 133 A East Court Square, Decatur, GA 30030.
2. We have limited space for people to sit while she gives her talk. In order to keep anyone from getting stampeded to death, we are limiting the number of people who can attend her lecture (which will take place in our upstairs loft area) to 100 people. Anyone is welcome to attend the signing, which will take place immediately following the talk, and you're welcome to hang out down in the shop while she talks. You'll be able to hear her, but you just won't be in the same room as her.
3. We will start giving out tickets on Monday, November 5th at 4 pm. Doors to go upstairs to the reading will open at 6 pm. You must be in person to get a ticket, and tickets are limited to one ticket per person. Yes, we know that's inconvenient, and we're sorry. We are just trying to control the crowds in an orderly fashion, and, again, no one will be turned away from the signing line. You just might be at the end of it. The first hundred people to get a ticket will get to see her read (and to attend the signing line,) and everyone else will get a ticket for just the signing line.
4. After Ree finishes her talk, we'll start calling numbers to get in the signing line. Your number will be on your ticket, and will be determined by the order in which you pick it up.
5. Ree will sign as many items as you'd like. You're also welcome to stand in line just to say hello to her and not get anything signed.
6. You do not need to buy anything to attend this event, or to get in the signing line. But we definitely appreciate your support so we can continue hosting events like this! Plus, books make great Christmas presents!
7. Questions? Call us at 404-373-6300 or email us at

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