Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lunch Lady for President!

The polls have opened, ladies and gentlemen! Come by Little Shop to cast your vote for the new Little Shop president!

Here's a message from Lunch Lady about why she wants to be your president! (Thanks to Lunch Lady's creator, Jarrett Krosoczka for this message.) 

I want to serve you justice, serve you lunch....and serve as your next President of Little Shop of Stories. Hot toast and butter! I am so honored to stand before you today to humbly ask for your nutritious vote in this election. I'm running for President of Little Shop of Stories for one simple-syrup reason. For you, the reader. The children of Little Shop are our future and I want to encourage them all to crack open a book and meet some of the wildest friends they'll ever know! This is the generation that will dream up future lunch ladies, wimpy kids, captain underpantses and babymouses. I dream of a future where an author gets their first book published and looks back to their days at Little Shop as to where it all began!

Plus, if you vote for me, we'll have the most amazing school lunches. Gravy on pizza! Pickles on pancakes! Holy guacamole, the future is ours and I'm ready to grab it with these two yellow gloves of mine!

Wishing you an applesaucy day!

Lunch Lady

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