Monday, March 7, 2016

Poetry & Wine Book Group

I appreciate poetry whenever I'm exposed. It just doesn't happen often enough. (I have had more exposure to wine.)

Thus is the impetus for Little Shop of Stories' newest book group, Poetry & Wine.

My hope is that the Poetry & Wine Book Group will attract a diversity of poetry lovers and the curious. I will be particularly happy if this appeals to wide variety of ages.

The first meeting will occur smack dab in the middle of National Poetry Month -- Friday, April 15th, at 7 p.m. -- and will continue to meet the third Friday evening of each month.

The first book of poetry will be The Best American Poetry 2015, edited by Sherman Alexie. (All book group books are available at Little Shop of Stories at a 15% discount for folks who plan on attending.) To state the obvious: this is a collection of contemporary American poetry. Alexie is one of my favorite writers across genres (young adult, poetry, fiction, short stories; he even has a picture book coming out in May) and he clearly made an effort to bring in a diverse group of poets. This seems to be a perfect book with which to launch a poetry group and to be able to get a feel for its direction.

As for beverages, Little Shop of Stories will start this off. Bottles of red. Bottles of white. Bottles of water. Snacks. Nothing fancy, but definitely serviceable.

For the first meeting people will be invited to discuss their favorite poem from the collection. They may feel free to read that poem as well.


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