Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What Decatur Needs

Decatur has an official logo.

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Decatur has an official motto.

A city of homes, schools
and places of worship.

You might think that these are quite bland.
(Compare ours to, say, Claxton, Georgia:
the Fruitcake capital of the world.)

The logo and motto don't distinguish our great city from any other.

Decatur has some unofficial mottos that I would regard as improvements.

It’s greater in Decatur.

Decatur: where Mayberry meets Berkeley.

Image result for decatur there's a festival for that     

If you have ever had a conversation with anyone from the city about the quality of the logo or the motto you quickly realize that there is no desire to change these things given all the logistical issues that would be involved.

So what Decatur needs is a new symbol.
A new means of signifying its identity.
Decatur needs …


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Not-So-Stay-at-Home Mom said...

Love the flag idea! As someone who works (and eats and shops and plays) in Decatur, I've always disliked the motto. A city of homes, schools, and places of worship... but no businesses. Nope. Not a single one. The homes, schools, and places of worship are great, but Decatur's unique businesses are what makes Decatur... well... greater!